1 de janeiro de 1978

“João Ubaldo Ribeiro”

“João Ubaldo Ribeiro”. Contemporary Authors, 1978.

Ribeiro felt that it would be arrogant to give CA any details about himself, and chose instead to comment on the vast differences between the cultures of Brazil and the United States:

JUR: "I am not fascinating. I am lonely and frustrated. I live in a nation with 110 million people. Most of these people are presently living in conditions that would be unbelievable to you. I have a culture and a heritage. I have a language. I have seem your movies and I have learned your songs. You know nothing about mine. I know little sounds that are unknown to you, and you know little sounds that are unknown to me. I belong in the same tradition as you do; I am Western and came from Iberia and Africa and America. But also I am Brazilian and you are American. Let us try to understand each other".